Access weekly updated Kelley Blue Book® Values just about anywhere. Use this powerful mobile solution to store and upload your inventory to your KARPOWER Online account.


Blue Book® Values on the Go

Mobile KARPOWER (m.karpower) is a powerful mobile solution which allows you to check regional values, updated weekly, for cars, trucks, and vans. All Blue Book Values are displayed including Certified Pre-Owned, Suggested Retail, Lending, Auction and Trade-In. You can also book cars anywhere – at the auctions, on the lot, wherever you do business, and save the vehicle information into your KARPOWER Online® inventory without having to install any additional software. View your vehicle inventory from four different categories: Appraisal, Pending, Retail and Lending.

VIN Decoder

Mobile KARPOWER comes with a VIN Decoder which allows you to add and evaluate used cars based on vehicle identification numbers. You'll save time and effort when booking in your inventory or doing appraisals.

System Requirements for Mobile KARPOWER

  • A current subscription to KARPOWER Online®
  • A mobile device; supported platforms are iPhone/iPad and Android*
  • A KARPOWER Mobile license for your device

Additional Features

  • Values are highlighted for condition selected
  • Mileage, condition, and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) selections appear above values allowing you to see values change based on those selections
  • CPO status gets saved into KARPOWER Online®
  • Major sections (Equipment, Condition, Blue Book® Values, Options and Vehicle Details) can expand and collapse by hitting the down arrow on the right portion of the section header
Blue Book® Values on the go! Access weekly updated Kelley Blue Book® Values just about anywhere.


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Vehicle Options View

Values View

Saved Inventory View

*Performance will vary based on wifi signal/data provider strength and speed, phone browser type, and device version.