Bring your inventory to life and engage today’s online car shoppers with videos of your inventory on your dealership Web site,, and YouTube.

CDM Dealer Services

Go Beyond Photos and Text with Video

Engage Your Audience

Provide a more engaging, multi-dimensional view of each vehicle in your dealership’s inventory for your Web site visitors. VideoLot is designed to keep consumers on your site and increase interest in your vehicles.

Enhance Your Classified Listings with Video

CDM’s VideoLot product can also distribute your vehicle videos to some of the most popular classified sites with your listings.

Increase Visibility with vSEO

VideoLot with distribution to YouTube uses video search engine optimization (vSEO) to help your inventory gain first page placement in Google search results.

Turnkey Solution:

VideoLot creates videos for each vehicle using photos and data stored in AutoOffice. The finished videos are then posted to your Web site and other sites.


  • Human voice audio description of dealership and vehicles.
  • Customized introductions, closers, messages and background music available.
  • Display CARFAX highlights and launch CARFAX reports from VideoLot1.
  • Videos can be distributed to, and YouTube2.
  • Videos with vSEO posted to YouTube can gain first-page organic rankings of your vehicles in Google.
  • We have a VideoLot package for every dealership’s video needs.
  • Extremely affordable!
“In Jan 2010, 173 million U.S. viewers watched over 32 billion online videos and the average YouTube viewer watched 50% more videos compared to January 2009”
– comScore
March 2010


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Vehicle Data


CARFAX Details

1 Requires existing relationship with CARFAX. 2 Requires existing relationship with and/or