DMS Integration

Keep your inventory in sync with your DMS and get your vehicles online even before they are frontline ready to ensure your online inventory is as accurate and up to date as possible.


DMS Integration

CDM integrates with your DMS to make sure your online inventory is always current through our DMS Polling and Rapid Retail tools!

DMS Polling

Automatically update your inventory pricing, create a pending list of new vehicles in your inventory that haven’t been collected, and mark vehicles as Certified or even Sold with nightly DMS polling.

Rapid Retail

Post vehicles from your DMS¹ to your retail classified Web sites before they are front-line ready and completely booked in.

How it works:

  • Pushes vehicles from your DMS* to AutoOffice®.
  • Applies a basic VIN decode and adds a stock photo.
  • Uploads the vehicles to your DigitalLot® Web inventory display page and exports to your retail Web sites.
  • Add the details to enhance your advertised listings with additional custom vehicle information, photos, and comments through the AutoOffice® vehicle editing tool.

New or Used – or Both!

DMS Polling and Rapid Retail can be enabled for your new, used, or both inventory types.

1 Rapid Retail requires DMS Polling