Get updated Kelley Blue Book® Retail, Wholesale Lending, Trade-In, and Auction Values instantly! Value, manage and market your vehicle inventory – all through your Internet Web browser.


Knowledge is Power

Access Kelley Blue Book® Values

KARPOWER Online is an easy-to-use, Web enabled software package that provides you with the information and necessary tools to:


    Whether you are an existing KARPOWER® user or a brand new user, we are certain that you will find KARPOWER Online to be an intuitive product that allows you to access Kelley Blue Book Retail, Wholesale Lending, Trade-In, and Auction Values quickly and effortlessly.


    Manage you inventory from acquisition to sale with the KARPOWER Online comprehensive inventory dashboard. With the ability to search, modify, and print on a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, your inventory details will always be at your fingertips.


    Window Stickers, Retail Web Exports, and Vehicle Fact Sheet help you effectively market your vehicles resulting in more cars sold.